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Mar 5 '12

definition of hot

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What images spring to mind when this word is heard during the course of polite conversation?

For example, “I only want to be seen with hot _____ ” (fill in the blank), usually implies an intentional look that will attract attention as equipment for some task or other.


I myself find ways to use this word which stimulate in order to suggest excitement for something in meaningul ways, rather than to formulate opinions which arouse suspicion rather than admiration. Hot… is a great marketing tool. Hot is not suggestive, instead it’s flashy. It’s a word with recognition, that makes the wary consumer, interested.

Hot is not brazen, and shouldn’t be ‘used’ … ‘hot’ is not a human characteristic.

I once argued this point with teenagers… at least the attempt was made. It’s difficult to suggest to beautiful young girls (the ones with beauty which exudes, and shines through the obvious … the ones with stature, and credibility… without guilt), that, even if someone respected speaks to you or anyone else in ways seemingly complimentary, using this particular word, which has been wasted with disregard for the embodiment of elevated graceful female opinion, the implication is not respectful, and I so wish it was not desirable.

'You're worth more than that,' though being the correct response to the situation, implies acceptability, somehow… 'it's just not acceptable' to define this word as used, without concise guidelines for the significance of what makes an example of specific definition, different from all the rest… 'it's not at all ok' to relegate an individual into a trait.

Who’s hot, may not be what’s hot, and it doesn’t make anyone look cool.

On the other hand, what’s hot, if it’s not sensible and flat… might just be Gucci ;)

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Feb 29 '12
my epiphany…
'springtime is party time, don’t forget the lipstick’

my epiphany…

'springtime is party time, don’t forget the lipstick’

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Feb 22 '12

a body of work

awaiting release, for a trifle

a moment of suspense, a snippet

a term to replace, a reference

once a body of work.

for a span of a heightened season, an idle breath…

might a work intend.

The big picture. This is where we decide our work has a greater impact as a whole. Where our daily interests and the world’s needs and desires decide a devotion of time. It’s where we participate and where we find ourselves most interested… with the hope that what we do is what’s most impressed, and most impressive.

This is my gift … my body of work.

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Feb 16 '12

of weighted words

Gravity, the laws of power.

Gravity is pressure, not draw… the Earth is a support keeping all who are healthy, upright and vertical. Our lives are intertwined and inseparable until we part.

Weight is not a hardship, but is adversity… in other words, we are not vessels of compulsion or restraint, we exist with consequence. Everything we do affects everything we are, and everything we know.

to define the volume of our existence:

in a word, weight…

to quantify its magnitude,


applied to the singular, prescribed in the plural,

virtually indivisible,

entirely intertwined

meanings to be necessarily separable.

my epiphany,
"the heavier they are, the faster they fall;
the bigger they are, the worse for the wear”

Size denoted by area is not a value in describing damage. It’s not “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.” A larger area prescribes greater relief over the area of impact.

Don’t fall down!

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Feb 14 '12

this day is to be

hardly over…
a means to no end.

attending through worries,
intent with contend…

hoping a buyer
with cash


… a plus sign for hopeful encouragement

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Feb 12 '12

*pretty, defined


applies to things comparatively small which please by their delicacy and



  1. a pretty girl… a pretty flower,
  2. a pretty cottage…

and enters as largely into our conception of handsome …

drayton makes mention of handsome players, meaning those who are well-trained; hence we speak of a man’s having a handsome address.

*Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary
copyright 1996… (a poetic version)

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Feb 10 '12

the word on attitude

a plus sign for positive growth

Looking to tie binds of understanding for global affinity, what follows is the definition for a viral crusade.

The definition of mania:

mania: addresses a situation within an area; it is an introduction of some prescription which devotes to repair; mania can provide for relief, the magnitude of participation requires an anchor

mania is usually apparent when there is need; mania is a response to greater need when something appears within the area of need and is both noticed by the proliferate, and new, to cause a stir

noticed and new

these are the two distinguishing characteristics that produce the affect (not effect, since it is an immediate, abundant addiction, which is subjective)… to be affected by something, is to commandeer one result

That said, Tebow-mania is a phenomenon.

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Feb 9 '12

part v. whole, step outside “the box”

analytical thought vs. artistic thought

analytical sense has come to mean logic with numbers, and only numbers

(numbers being tested, but never evaluated and determined, and not accounting for words, communication, and reasoning with alpha; meaning letters and words and their value)

artistic thought has always meant
“outside the box”

it makes no difference to step outside, if you can’t communicate what you see

step beyond current paradigms and processes, and see possibility in poetic reasoning

poetry and art and communications, existing in some logical order…

becoming a reality in which all things are possible, beautiful in their own right, and made to fit together, to and for the benefit of all…

(theory in part vs whole… in whole or in part)

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Feb 8 '12

an artistic perspective for positive change

a number culture,

as a definitive solution for structural potential or performance-based resolution of structural value is realized through inequity in the aggregate…

and so, leads to a deterioration of all value throughout a society which has based any and all criteria for worth, solely on numbers, and quantitative reasoning.

a number culture,

serves to limit potential for increased performance…

thereby creating economic ruin.

… a plus sign.

my epiphany… positive change.

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Feb 6 '12

commutative properties of words

commutative is a word to describe reference

In math commutative equation means this: 

"we see only one answer"

The order does not matter, the answer is consistent.

It is my understanding, that the use of this word defined as orderly sequence according to a section or a partition of a larger equation or formula, is neither here nor there. Commutative properties within sequencing are more relevant on large-scale computation but not as recognizable.

commutative words

Words have commutative properties similar to math formula and these can be adopted for qualified use according to an individual’s or a firm’s compulsion. 

Two words with such commutative understanding captured my attention today.

PR, a word I currently use for performance (be it corporate, athletic, or journalistic), has associated and productive qualities which are commutative, and it is commutative with health.

Health is a word which focuses strategy. We look to health for a reason. Health can be ignored until it deteriorates to the point of non-acceptability and need, or it can be a requirement above all others, leading to performance.

commutative properties are structural and answerable

If health is made paramount, PR has focus, and performance is strength.

Structural awareness provides remedy.

PR = integrity + strength = health

Commutative properties of words allow for intervention once remedy is visible. 

The health of any organism is paramount to that structure’s advantage in the quest for PR at its best.

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