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Mar 5 '12

definition of hot

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What images spring to mind when this word is heard during the course of polite conversation?

For example, “I only want to be seen with hot _____ ” (fill in the blank), usually implies an intentional look that will attract attention as equipment for some task or other.


I myself find ways to use this word which stimulate in order to suggest excitement for something in meaningul ways, rather than to formulate opinions which arouse suspicion rather than admiration. Hot… is a great marketing tool. Hot is not suggestive, instead it’s flashy. It’s a word with recognition, that makes the wary consumer, interested.

Hot is not brazen, and shouldn’t be ‘used’ … ‘hot’ is not a human characteristic.

I once argued this point with teenagers… at least the attempt was made. It’s difficult to suggest to beautiful young girls (the ones with beauty which exudes, and shines through the obvious … the ones with stature, and credibility… without guilt), that, even if someone respected speaks to you or anyone else in ways seemingly complimentary, using this particular word, which has been wasted with disregard for the embodiment of elevated graceful female opinion, the implication is not respectful, and I so wish it was not desirable.

'You're worth more than that,' though being the correct response to the situation, implies acceptability, somehow… 'it's just not acceptable' to define this word as used, without concise guidelines for the significance of what makes an example of specific definition, different from all the rest… 'it's not at all ok' to relegate an individual into a trait.

Who’s hot, may not be what’s hot, and it doesn’t make anyone look cool.

On the other hand, what’s hot, if it’s not sensible and flat… might just be Gucci ;)

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